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I'm a creator. I'm creating Sisu. Let me explain...

Sisu is a Finnish concept described as tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, determination, resilience, and hardiness. It is that white-knuckle form of courage, presented typically in situations where success is against the odds.


I'm here to share with you different dimensions of courage, determination and grit - in all its varied forms - to inspire others to grow their own confidence, become part of a supportive network and fight through everyday challenges, both large and small.

Sisu is not just about survival in difficult times, it's a type of personal perseverance, a strong characteristic that shines from our own uniqueness. So Sisu looks different in all of us!


Through my podcast and blog, I share with you some amazing Sisu stories from all walks of life.

Share your Sisu story with us! 

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